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Celebrating Excellence at Avanti Way Sunny Isles: February 2024’s Top Achievers

In February, Avanti Way Sunny Isles was home to standout performances that underscore our commitment to excellence in real estate. Our agents’ drive and professionalism shone brightly, with two individuals leading the way:

  • Juan Ramirez topped the charts in transactions, demonstrating seamless deal facilitation and client dedication.
  • Sandra Centeno excelled in preconstruction volume, evidencing her market acumen and foresight.

February 2024 at Avanti Way Sunny Isles wasn’t just business as usual; it was a showcase of real talent and grit. Juan Ramirez and Sandra Centeno didn’t just hit their targets; they knocked them out of the park, setting a new standard for what we can achieve.

Their wins are our wins, too. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about what happens when we all pull together, supporting each other’s climb to the top. It’s this team spirit and drive that make Avanti Way Sunny Isles more than just a workplace; it’s a powerhouse of talent and ambition.

So, a big shoutout to our February stars! Your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment are what keep us ahead of the game. Here’s to not just keeping up but setting the pace at Avanti Way Sunny Isles. Cheers to more breakthroughs and top-notch performance!


If you are interested in joining the Sunny Isles Branch – contact Ines directly:


direct telephone: (305) 206-9366


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